Whether an established business with existing HR seeking ancillary project support or a growing business recognizing the emergent need for on-site or start-up HR services, On Course HR Consulting can bring professional, competent guidance and value-added solutions to your business.  

Human Resource Assessment

An HR audit provides insight to identifying any compliance related concerns but also offers valuable recommendations for implementing best practices to stay current and competitive.  With the challenge of finding and retaining good talent as well as the myriad of ever changing employment laws, carefully evaluating your current HR practices makes good business sense.

Employee Relations

Maintaining productive relationships with employees through effective communication and fair and consistent treatment is vital to an organization.  Navigating sensitive situations when discipline, investigation or termination are necessary can be challenging and may expose an organization to undue risk.  Knowing how to handle these situations professionally and effectively can accomplish the the task at hand while protecting the organization.

HR Policy and Handbook Design

Well-crafted, compliant and communicated employment policies offer many advantages to a business including a platform to highlight the company culture, for employees to understand workplace expectations and for managers to administer policies fairly and consistently.

Talent Acquisition

Bringing the right employees and skill sets into your organization is key to business success and starts with having a sound and effective recruiting process to get the hiring decisions

right the first time.   l

Compensation and Benefits

Building and maintaining a strong total rewards system including a competitive employee compensation and benefits plan that is aligned with your business strategy is

important to attracting, motivating and retaining talent in your organization. 

HR Start-Up

Allowing small business leaders to continue focusing what on what they do best - market share, R&D, customer acquisition, etc., start-up HR services can be built to the unique needs of your business while being cost-effective and scalable.    

Performance Management

Today's employee development and performance management environment calls for frequent interactive and meaningful coaching and feedback sessions with employees.  Done correctly, these, conversations around employee growth and development are recognized as a vital tool in engagement and retention as well as achieving business results.