Employee Handbooks

For many reasons, including those listed below, employee handbooks can be a very beneficial document to a company and its employees alike to set expectations, communicate helpful information on the workplace culture and highlight required employer obligations and employee rights.

Provides valuable insight to the culture, mission and values of the business

The employee handbook can offer employees an introduction to the culture of the organization which can help them achieve a quicker connection to their job and the company to become more productive and engaged in a briefer period of time.  

Communicates to employees what is expected of them

A well-written handbook provides employees with a clear understanding of their responsibilities while at work.  The handbook also serves as a compass for the organization's policies and procedures.  It advises employees what procedures to follow and who they should approach with questions.  This clear, accessible information can keeps an organization moving in the

right direction.

Helps ensure key organizational policies are clearly and consistently communicated

Policies are only effective if they are practiced consistently.  An employee handbook will accurately communicate your HR business policies regarding employment, conduct, pay practices and other procedures and processes to follow.  Most importantly, managers can refer to the handbook when answering questions or making decisions regarding the policies to ensure answers and actions are consistent with your policies and best practices.

Educates employees about what they can expect from management and leadership

An employee handbook provides a foundation for the leadership style and management best practices for the organization which helps foster healthy manager-employee relationships.  These clearly communicated policies help to eliminate confusion and inconsistencies that result from not having key organizational employment policies and processes clearly outlined.

Maintains compliance with local, state and federal laws to help protect against employment claims and challenges

Regardless of the type of industry or how many employees, all organizations will be subject to employment laws.  The employee handbook not only communicates this various legally required information to employees, but it demonstrates the organization's desire to be compliant with the regulations.  Having employees understand their rights and obligations in these areas is a best practice for a business that provides helpful protection to avoid costly claims and litigation.