Solutions . . . Results

A large state professional association was in need of upgrading their outdated and cumbersome annual performance management system.  The organization desired to implement a more contemporary practice of simplified and frequent feedback facilitated by a technology solution to foster employee engagement in the process. Services provided to this client included:  facilitation with the senior leadership team to design an effective performance management tool and streamlined process, selection and implementation of a software vendor, roll-out communication, as well as supervisory training on delivering and documenting effective feedback and in-service training to all staff on the new and improved system.

The CFO, currently managing human resources for a growing technology company, requested a review of the of HR function to identify compliance concerns as well as opportunities to incorporate best practices. To develop clarity around the current status of the various aspects of HR, on-site interviews with the CFO and select leaders were conducted as well as a review of existing policies and documentation.  At the conclusion of the review, a detailed assessment report with a roadmap was provided which included insightful commentary on compliance related issues, recommended corrective actions as well as considerations for opportunities to improve current practices and achieve better HR alignment with overall business goals.

This multi-site expanding software company with over 50 employees had been in business several years as a family run operation.   While some employment policies were documented in an employee handbook or as separate stand-alone policies, many were outdated or incomplete.  The company's supervisors were inconsistent in how they administered their policies and lacked any supervisory training. Working together with the leadership team, all policies were inventoried, reviewed, updated and categorized, and a customized, easy-to-understand employee handbook was created.  Interactive sessions were held for employees to become acquainted with the content of the new handbook and have any questions answered.  Supervisors were provided an employment law and policy overview training session to better understand the handbook policies and how to fairly and consistently administer them. 

Immediately upon acquisition of a small pharmaceutical industry business, the owners identified the need to build an effective human resource foundation for the new company as it began an exciting multi-site growth phase.   Strong, collaborative relationships with the the business leaders and operations management were key as compliant, effective and scalable processes were developed and implemented around timely talent acquisition, payroll, compensation and benefits, supervisory training, performance management, and documented employment policies.  The early focus on laying this valuable groundwork resulted in a successful expansion of the business with a professional work environment and engaged workforce.